Wednesday, June 25, 2008


While scruffing around an old pile of timber at the bottom of our yard today, I came across a termite colony.

Although we have something like 300 species of termites in Australia, we don't have any bird species, (that I can think of anyway), that rely largely, or even moderately on a diet of termites.

The Forest Kingfisher and Golden-shouldered Parrot however, are two birds that do build their nests inside termite mounds. Many aviculturists like to give their birds, particularly the Australian finch species a live-food diet that often includes termites.

But, I digress. I cleaned up the timber a little and spread some of the little house wreckers on the woodpile chopping block.

In a very short time a Grey Butcherbird spied them and quickly consumed his fill.

Then a Bowerbird hopped in for its share. These two individuals at least seemed to appreciate a feed of fresh protein. I'll have to burn the rubbish tomorrow. I wonder do they like their termites toasted?


  1. Just looking at a photo of the little wrigglers sends a chill up my spine; living in a timber house, they are the stuff of nightmares!

  2. Yeah, bit of a worry Ros, and if I remember correctly, isn't your place 2 stories?

  3. Geez, looks like I'd better coat me wooden leg with surface spray before I visit next. ;-)

  4. Medium rare will be spot on for them if you please.

    Great post.