Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lesson Learned - I Hope

Yesterday I had the computer mechanic from Ben Crauchan Blog come over - see, you all thought he was just a naturalist. Oh no, there is much more to our Duncan than that.

I'd been having a 'burning' problem and a few jpeg files were building up without being backed up.

Anyway, DF sorted it for me pretty quickly, so I talked him into giving me an ID lesson on some of the eucalypts next door. On this morning's walk
, I decided to get some shots of a 'Bushy Yate'.

This tree fascinates me, and it seems, many bird species too - a subject for a future blog.

While taking the photos, the noise of some Lorikeets high up in the big Box tree behind me was deafening. Turns out it was a small group of Musk Lorikeets, a bird we seem to be seeing more frequently around here.

The musk is a known nomad, but perhaps, like the Rainbow Lorikeet, some populations are becoming relatively residential. This next picture was taken a short while back at the water bowl in the garden.

Here's the lesson learned bit - I think they were in a Red Box.

Did I get it right DF? Hope so, Aussie bloggers should be able to ID their eucalypts, hey?


  1. Sorry, forgot to mark you, ten out of ten, promoted to grade two. ;-)