Sunday, June 1, 2008

First One!


Thought I might start a blog detailing some of the nature events that take place in my little corner of the world - Central Gippsland in Victoria, the south east corner of Australia.

I was exploring the nearby Heyfield Flora Reserve recently, mainly trying to locate some Scarlet Robins that I'd seen in there a day or two before, and this little guy came scurrying out from under some leaf litter...

I'm not too certain of his correct name. There is a local spider with the inglorious name of 'Red and Black Spider', so perhaps that is what he is. Some one out there will be able to set me straight I'm sure.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Gouldiae, the gloves are off now, let the competition begin. 'er indoors thinks it's brilliant, I don't get comments like that. ;-)

  2. Thanks DF, and glad 'er indoors likes it. And thanks for the 'heads up'.

    Dunno about 'the gloves are off'. I'm happy to concede right now!

  3. Great - another Blog to add to 'My Favourites'!

    Gouldie, this may be a male Mouse Spider (Actinopodidae)

    I first encountered one whilst doing some weeding. He came roaring out of his burrow in full attack mode! The venom, although not yet on record as producing bad reactions, can apparently be neutralised with Sydney funnel-web venom !!!

  4. Yep, Junior Lepid, spot on - Mouse Spider it is. Thanks for the info. I've just spent some enjoyable reading up time on the species. Isn't the www wonderful.

    I do check your entries regularly through Ben Crauchan Blog. Wonderful stuff.

  5. Welcome. I came over from Duncan's Blog. I love the Natural world from other part's of the world. I appreciate your turning everything right side up so that I can see the "down-under" creatures correctly.

    Great Spider. Spiders are one of my favorites.

    I'll add you to my "Nature Blogs" Blog Roll. Keep up the great work.

    Troy from
    "Getting Hotter in Texas"

  6. Thanks for the best wishes, and thanks for the link, (now reciprocated).

    I often have a 'ramble around Texas' from Duncan's blog. Good stuff.

  7. I also came over from Duncans place. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'll be back to see you again.