Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Start one of these on the golf course...

...and pretty soon you have one of these...

...and sometimes also one of these...

...for company.

A short while back, we experienced what the Bureau of Meteorology euphemistically called a 'strong wind event'. The 'bloody big blow' resulted in quite a few trees and limbs down around the course. The ones that fell anywhere near the greens, tees or fairways have been steadily cut up for firewood and the tops burnt.

It doesn't take long for the Grey Butcherbirds and the Kookaburras to appear. As soon as they see the fire or hear the chainsaw, they're waiting in the nearby trees, watching for the various beetles, grubs and spiders to break cover. Good pickings for a keen eyed Butcherbird or Kookaburra.

Despite the Butcherbirds aggressive appearance and carnivorous habits - they often take other small birds and nestlings - their rich melodic calls, often in duet, are an autumn treat. The distinctive and individual call of the Kookaburra, although sometimes heard in jungle movies, is as Australian as eucalyptus.


  1. You sure know how to invite company. Smart little fellows.

  2. Interesting post. Good photos.

    It's a party here today.
    Come visit,