Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bowerbird Action

The Satin Bowerbirds were somewhat active in the garden this morning. There was a lot of churring, whistling and wing flapping coming from the shrubs in the vicinity of one of the bowers. The light was very dull, but I figured I'd try sitting quietly close by with the camera.

The male soon appeared in the nearby Pittosporum and checked things out for a bit.

He decided it was safe enough, and dropped down to tidy up his bower.

It wasn't long before one member of his harem dropped in for a look.

She checked out the bower and he tried impressing her with his range of toys.

When he thought he'd won her over, he lead her into the bower.

It seems she thought he was a bit of alright, and followed him into the bower ...

... just as the camera batteries expired!

I would have had to label this entry 'adult content' if I'd got the next shot.


  1. Lovely series, Gouldiae. How lucky are you? He's a bit keen though, isn't he? I thought they started breeding in Spring. Perhaps he's as confused about the seasons as my Striated Pardalotes are!

  2. Flat batteries indeed, I bet you're just keeping the naughty one for yourself. :-)
    Good one Gouldiae, you're leaving me for dead. ;-)

  3. Thanks JL. Yes, the seasons seem to be way out of kilter, or perhaps he was just practising.

    Thanks DF, but I've got a long way to go to match my mentor.

  4. Great photos - aren't they fun! We're in Canberra and have a satin bower bird also - a regular over the last few years. He usually turns around April, constructs the mansion and entertains the ladies from late April through to September/October so your mate doesn't seem too confused!